What We Do Exactly?



We offer a Fairly Wide Range of Services…

Ira’s Shoe Repair provides a wide range of Shoe Repair and Leather Restoration services. If you have a particular item, contact us to see if we can be of assistance.



What We Do Exactly?

Shoe Repair

You have made an investment in a good pair of leather shoes which is why maintaining your footwear with Ira’s Shoe Repair makes sense. Whether it is a pair of thin-soled Italian loafers or a pair of American made leather shoes such as Allen Edmunds, we can keep your shoes looking and feeling their best. Using only the finest materials, we will resole, re-heel and refinish your shoes.

Shoe Shine Service

When getting your shoes shined at Ira’s Shoe Repair, we first clean your shoes to remove any dirt or dust, then we use a dry cleaning agent to remove any old wax build up on the leather. After that we condition the leather to make it resilient and soft and then finish by sealing the shoe with a high quality leather luster cream, using our horse hair brushes to polish the leather to a high shine finish.

Boot Repair

When looking for someone to trust with your boots, look no further. Our cobblers have experience working on boots like Lucchese, Laredo, Nocona, Justin, Tony Lama, Dan Post, Old Gringo, and many more. We will pick stitches, set shanks, add brass tacks, super prime the leather, and treat the upper according to the skin. When we hand your boots back to you, they will be as good as new.

Do you have Beautiful Shoes, that just Kill your Feet?

We at Ira & Son Shoe Repair, can ease out and stretch your uncomfortable Shoes and Boots. We’ll stretch your shoes if they are too tight.

Shoe Dyeing

Do you want your fabric or leather shoes to be a certain color? All we need from you is
a sample of the color you would like them to be so our expert craftsmen can repair any broken straps, worn corners and tears, see to it that your shoe color will match the colour of your choice. Call us today and book an appointment. We’re ready to be of service to you today.

Handbag Repair

Don’t let a broken strap or worn corner stop you from carrying that designer bag. We repair all fine and designer handbags including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach, Fendi, Lanvin, Valentino, Burberry, Versace, Jimmy Choo, MARC JACOBS and many more. Our expert craftsmen can repair your broken straps, worn corners and tears, as well as apply new linings and much more.

Handbag Refinishing

The refinishing of a good leather handbag includes cleaning, conditioning and color matching the handbag.
We then apply a water and stain protector treatment which will keep the handbag clean for a longer period of time. You will definitely like the results.

Need fitting aids for your shoes?

We at the Ira & Son Shoe Repair Shop can help you with excellent fitting aids that will ensure your shoe fits well.

Handbag Dyeing

If you love your leather bag, but wish it was a different color, we are eager to give your bag a complete color make over that will amaze both you andthose who see it after we’re done. Just bring it in and we can change the color to something you love and prefer. Call us today and book an appointment. We make sure our clients have an amazing time and you will too. See you soon.

Leather Jacket Repair & Restoration

We can repair, restore or re-color all of your leather jackets – whether they are casual, dress, full length coats or motorcycle jackets, we will make them like new again. Utilizing a special repair compound, we can repair small rips, holes and tears making it difficult for anyone to see the repair and making it feel very close to its original condition. We can also repair many larger damages. Simply bring your jacket to us and have one of our experts look it over for you.

Zippers Repair

Are you having issues with your zippers on your shoes, hangbags, jackets and luggage? If yes, we have good news for you. When a damaged or worn zipper slider does not push the chain halves together correctly, the teeth are prevented from coming together as they are supposed to. Many times we can simply re-gap the slider tolerances to restore the proper zipping action and can replace the slider or the entire zipper if needed. All you need to do is bring your shoes, handbags, jackets, and luggages today for us to repair the zippers for you. It’s that easy.

Belt Repair

If you have a favorite belt that needs to be repaired, we can make it look brand new. If your waist size has changed, we can re-size the belt for you.
We use our years of experience to keep you looking your best.

Luggage Repair

We repair luggage including many brands such as Tumi, Samsonite, Delsey, Victorinox, and more.
By keeping many of the parts on inventory, we can quickly replace a screw, replace a wheel, or pull handles. Bring your luggage in and let us repair it for you.

Custom Leather

At Ira’s Shoe Repair, we are more than just shoes, bags and jackets! If you have a special leather item, chances are we can repair or refinish it. Is that beautiful Italian leather sofa looking dull? We will go to your home to condition it and make any repairs necessary. Call us to preserve all of your special leather items.