High Heel Replacement

Bring in or send us your worn out heels for a complete refreshing!


Expert recrafting of all brand name shoes

leather jacket, style, pink-1663286.jpg

Leather Jacket Repair

Sleeve Shortening, Zipper Replacement, Patches and more!

suitcase, vintage, open-2783627.jpg


Zipper Repair, Handle Reattachment

handbag, leather, toy-5671676.jpg

Handbag Alterations

Strap Shortening, New Custom Straps, Cleaning/Refinishing, Zipper Replacement

belt, clothing, accessory-210447.jpg


Proper shortening from behind the buckle

nike, sneakers, shoes-5041716.jpg


Cleaning and repainting, Re-glue soles, whiten soles

boots, leather, boot leg-2622091.jpg

Western boots

Professional recrafting of any type of boot

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